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What Is Call Tracking ?

Call tracking is a crucial way to measure the current success of your business and predict future results. With call tracking you can find out which marketing methods work best and optimise them, saving you time and money on ineffective methods.

Call tracking offers business owners the tools they need in order to have real data on their campaigns so that they know what is working and what isn’t. As a marketer or business owner, you want to know what your customers are doing so you can provide them with a better experience. You can’t just rely on one channel and expect success!

Analytical call tracking uses dynamic numbers insertion (or static numbers) to track the entire marketing funnel. You’ll know which channels work best and what your customers are doing at all times. I also use call analytics tools to provide clear actionable data to improve your marketing spend and boost sales efficiency!

Benefits Of Call Tracking

Did you know you are losing money without call tracking? Implementing a call tracking system into your marketing campaign will allow you to identify the most effective marketing channels and maximise profit. It also helps improve customer experience by providing accurate data. Track calls in real-time and make data-driven decisions.

Wouldn’t you want to know how many callers are truly interested in your product or service? Wouldn’t it be great to cut down on the number of calls you answer, but still stay in touch with potential customers? And wouldn’t you love to be able to pinpoint which products and services are popular with your customers?

You can now see how many calls you get every day, week and month. With this insight, you can better understand your conversion rates and better optimise your marketing campaign.

See how many calls your company receives on a daily, monthly and yearly basis – Filter by campaign source or keyword for a more detailed breakdown of conversion rates. Find out which days are best for your business based on call volume.

Why You Need Call Tracking

Call tracking is an essential tool for any business that invests money on advertising across different online channels. Customers running PPC campaigns have a need to track the calls that relate to their keywords, to better understand which keywords covert into phone calls. Without visibility of call tracking, it is simply not possible to work out if you are spending your marketing budget wisely.

The majority of my clients are look to track not only PPC, but also SEO, Display, Social Media as well as Offline campaigns such as TV, Direct Mail, Radio, Print media traffic. This is where call tracking really helps to understand how each channel is performing. This is essential actionable data allowing you to optimise the effectiveness of each of your marketing channels, key to the success of any business.

Tracking calls is an important step in your marketing funnel — but it doesn’t have to be a time-consuming one. 

I offer solutions that fit all needs and budgets, from simple and affordable, to complex and enterprise-level. Whether you need more leads or better customer engagement, 

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Capabilities of Call Tracking

Call tracking is a technology that enables businesses to monitor and analyse various aspects of their phone communication. One of the primary functionalities of call tracking is the ability to track the source of incoming calls. By assigning unique phone numbers to different marketing channels, such as online ads, print campaigns, or social media, businesses can identify which channels are driving the most phone inquiries. This information helps in optimising marketing strategies and allocating resources effectively.

Moreover, call tracking can capture valuable data about caller demographics and behaviour. It can track the geographical location of callers, providing insights into regional preferences and targeting opportunities. Additionally, call tracking systems often record calls, allowing businesses to analyse the content of conversations for quality assurance, training purposes, and customer service improvement. This feature can also be crucial for compliance and legal purposes.

Furthermore, call tracking can integrate with customer relationship management (CRM) systems, providing a comprehensive view of customer interactions across various touch points. This integration facilitates personalised customer experiences by enabling businesses to access relevant information about a caller’s history and preferences. Overall, call tracking plays a vital role in enhancing marketing efficiency, improving customer service, and making informed business decisions based on detailed call analytics.

Costs of Implementing Call Tracking

The costs associated with implementing call tracking can vary based on several factors, including the chosen service provider, the scale of the operation, and the specific features required. Typically, businesses can expect to incur charges for acquiring and maintaining unique phone numbers associated with different marketing channels. These numbers may be toll-free or local, and their pricing structures can differ. Monthly subscription fees for the call tracking service itself are common, covering features such as call recording, analytics, and integration with other tools like CRM systems

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call tracking

Frequently Asked Questions

Our call tracking comes with monthly reports which include call volume, phone number and call duration.
Call tracking setup is not an expensive investment. The cost of call tracking setup depends on a number of factors such as the features you want to use, the number of calls you need to track and your preferred service provider.
A call tracking marketing campaign is a type of marketing campaign that tracks the ads that are clicked on and the phone numbers that are called. In this type of marketing campaign, the advertiser pays for a specific keyword or phrase to be displayed in order to generate leads for their business. The advertiser also pays for every time someone clicks on their ad and then calls the company’s phone number. Call tracking marketing campaigns have been around for a long time but they have only recently become popular because of how affordable they have become.

The data collected through call tracking can be used for a variety of purposes. Marketers can use it to identify the success rate of their campaigns, optimise the customer experience, and improve conversion rates.

Call tracking is a service that records incoming and outgoing phone calls to an organisation. It allows marketers to track the number of calls they receive, which customers are calling them, what time these calls are being made at, and more.

The purpose of call tracking is to measure the success of a marketing campaign. It helps marketers know whether their ads are working and what they can do to improve them. Companies use call tracking to see how many people called in response to their marketing campaigns. They can also use it to find out the number of people who used the offer they advertised, or who were interested in it.
Call tracking marketing campaign can be used by small, medium, or large businesses. They can also be used by different industries such as retail, finance, and healthcare.


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