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Communicate Your Message Strongly

Do you have a fantastic product or service you want to shout from the rooftop?. Email marketing allows you to communicate your message strongly, acting like a megaphone delivering your marketing message, at the right time.

Email marketing offers the power to speak instantly and directly to your consumer and forms a vital part in many online marketing strategies. It is wholly measurable, allows you to build trust in your brand and loyalty online. Fundamentally, is timely, cost effective and ensures your business can stand out from its competition.

I provide fully managed email marketing services from initial creative through to delivery of your content marketing. I can also setup your monthly email newsletter and manage your prospect email marketing lists.

Utilising the latest email marketing strategies, I will ensure that your email marketing converts into targeted leads and sales from your campaigns.

Advantages Of Email Marketing

By using email to market your products or services can be a fast, flexible cost-effective way of targeting new customers and maintaining your existing customer base. In addition it can also help improve response rates to your direct marketing campaigns.

Email marketing isn’t something that is done just because its fast and easy to do. The tactic can be very effective in helping business owners stay connected with their consumers.

My marketing reports will provide you with detailed metrics and graphs for each time I send out an email campaign for you. You will receive a detailed view of your email campaign results, plus you will be able to look at the specifics of each campaign – right down to the individual recipient and how they responded to a given campaign. You can also monitor open, click-through and unsubscribe rates.

Email Marketing Lists in Business Growth

Email marketing lists are foundational tools for businesses seeking to establish and nurture connections with their target audience. These lists comprise a curated collection of email addresses belonging to individuals who have willingly opted in to receive communications from a particular brand or organisation. Building a robust email marketing list is a strategic process that often involves enticing potential subscribers through incentives like exclusive discounts, valuable content, or early access to products or information.

Once established, an email marketing list becomes a dynamic resource for businesses to disseminate relevant content, promotional offers, and updates directly to their audience’s inboxes. Segmenting the list based on various criteria such as demographics, purchase history, or engagement levels allows for highly targeted and personalised communication. Effective email marketing lists are nurtured through consistent engagement, avoiding spammy tactics and respecting subscribers’ preferences with clear opt-out options.

The success of email campaigns is often measured through metrics like open rates, click-through rates, and conversion rates, providing valuable insights for refining future strategies. Overall, a well-crafted and managed email marketing list serves as a powerful tool for fostering brand loyalty, driving conversions, and maintaining a direct line of communication with a receptive audience.

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Metrics in Email Marketing Strategies

Email marketing success is measured through a range of key performance metrics that provide insights into the effectiveness of campaigns and help marketers refine their strategies. Open Rate is a fundamental metric, indicating the percentage of recipients who opened the email. A high open rate suggests that the subject line and overall content were engaging. Click-Through Rate (CTR) measures the proportion of recipients who clicked on one or more links within the email. This metric is crucial for assessing the relevance and appeal of the content, as well as the effectiveness of call-to-action elements.

Conversion Rate is another critical metric, revealing the percentage of email recipients who completed the desired action, such as making a purchase or filling out a form. It directly ties email efforts to tangible business outcomes. Bounce Rate distinguishes between “hard” bounces (permanent delivery failures) and “soft” bounces (temporary issues), providing insights into the quality of the email list. Additionally, Email Sharing/Forwarding Rate gauges the content’s shareability and its potential to expand reach organically.

Beyond these, marketers often analyse metrics like List Growth Rate, which measures the rate at which the email list is expanding, and Email ROI, which calculates the return on investment generated through the email campaign. A comprehensive understanding of these key performance metrics enables marketers to adapt and optimise their email marketing strategies for maximum impact and engagement.

Mobile Responsive Design

I make sure all email marketing campaigns are designed in a fully mobile responsive friendly format – My email templates are tested in all major desktop browsers & mobile devices. With a proven track record of producing profitable email marketing campaigns, you are in safe hands.

Target your customers with relevant messages, it is attention to detail and the ability to provide an end-to-end service that really sets us apart.

No matter how many recipients, I will ensure the safe delivery of your emails. I will perform a ‘spam test’ to check your email’s content against words or phrases likely to be rejected by spam filters and carry out extensive pre-delivery testing.

I will manage your opt-in and opt-out lists and remove duplicate or invalid addresses from your database. After delivery, In addition I will provide you with a comprehensive activity report of your campaign, covering statistics on opens, forwards and replies as well as click-rates.

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Frequently Asked Questions

No, a lot of subscribers doesn’t necessary mean you are effective. You can be an influencer even if you have one follower. It is about the quality of your content and the type of content you post.
There are many ways you can get more people to subscribe to your email list. One way is by using a remarketing campaign. This strategy targets those who have visited your website and those who have viewed your ads. Another way is by offering something of value in exchange for the email address. For example, you could offer a free report or e-book in exchange for signing up to your list. You could also offer an exclusive newsletter or discount code to those who subscribe.
It’s important to send out emails regularly. This is because people have a habit of forgetting about the company if they don’t get any updates from it. They will also assume that the company is no longer doing anything and stop following it. There are various studies that show how important it is to send out emails regularly. One such study shows that email marketing campaigns with regular content have a higher click-through rate than those without it. Another study shows that email marketing campaigns with regular content have a higher conversion rate than those without it.

Email marketing allows businesses to build a relationship with their customers. It also provides them with a way of sending promotions and updates about new products and offers. It also helps in improving customer retention rates.

With the help of email marketing, businesses can get valuable feedback from their customers which will help them improve their products and services.

The open rate of an email is a key factor in determining the success of an email campaign. It is important to understand what factors affect the open rate and how you can improve it. The length of the subject line: Studies show that emails with shorter subject lines have higher open rates than those with longer subject lines. The reason for this is that people are more likely to scan their emails for keywords, and if they find what they are looking for in a shorter subject line, they will be more likely to open it. The inclusion of a compelling call-to-action: A good call-to-action can encourage readers to take action on your email, whether it is signing up for your newsletter or downloading your brochure. Including a clear CTA in your email can increase its chances of being opened significantly.

Email marketing is one of the most popular and cost-effective ways to market your products and services. The metrics for email marketing success vary depending on the goals of your campaign. Some common metrics are open rates, click-through rates, unsubscribe rates, spam complaints, and bounce rates.

Open Rate:

The number of recipients who open a message divided by the total number of messages sent.

Click-Through Rate:

The number of recipients who clicked a link in a message divided by the total number of messages sent.

Unsubscribe Rate:

The percentage of recipients who unsubscribed from future messages from you divided by the total number of people you have sent emails to.

Bounce Rate:

The percentage of emails that bounced back as undeliverable (i.e., failed to reach their destination) divided by the total number sent out.


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